hey there! I'm Kelly.


Consider me your #1 hype girl.

Let's start from the beginning-ish.

I started dieting my senior year of high school. I would restrict any & everything (whole food groups, carbs, fats, sugar. You name it, I’ve avoided it), overeat when I lost weight, and began coping with my emotions by shoveling food - not aware there was an actual medical term for this.

Binge eating took over my life.
The way I tried to stop bingeing?

Trying another diet.

The diets would be crazier, and the binges would be more frequent. Soon I was yo-yo’ing upwards of 40 pounds each and every time.

I became obsessed with food. What I was eating currently, the next meal, how I would stave off carbs at the next barbecue, and a few short days (or hours!) later I would magically find myself speeding down the highway hitting every drive thru.

I couldn’t take it anymore, but I couldn’t stop. All I wanted was to be normal around food.

It took me over 10 years to realize dieting was not the answer.

In fact, dieting was exactly what started this mess.

When I stopped dieting, cut out the noise and became in tune with my body, my mind & my needs, my life forever changed.

I was no longer a slave to food.
I was no longer a slave to the scale.
I was no longer a slave to diet culture.

I was able to lose weight without stress, and maintain that weight with ease.

Sound too good to be true?
It isn’t. It’s just the opposite of what diet culture taught us.

Get your leggings on & cozy up. We got work to do.

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if you've come this far... you know I'm not a diet person.

I used to think I was. I thought it was the only way.

That's why these photos right here exist. Now that I am not dieting and using my method, I've found my normal, balanced, healthy weight. I want you to know that theres a different way. There's a chance to be normal around food for good.

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