Signs You May Need to Stop Weighing Yourself

Mar 23, 2023

Aaaah, the scale. Let’s talk about our morning routine with the scale, shall we?

Wake up, pee, weigh yourself. Don’t like the number? Take off your clothes. Don’t like the number? Pee again. Don’t like the number? Move the scale to another part of the room.

Yessssssss, .2 pound loss. You did it.

Or the other side of it all:

Weigh yourself, go through every step to get to that number you want, but wait? Why is the scale heavier than yesterday? What the f*ck? Are you kidding me? And there you go down into the rabbit hole. Your day is ruined, you are pissed off at the world, heck, you may even eat your feelings solely because if it’s not working when you do everything right, then why do you even bother?

Many times, the scale can do more harm than good (emotional attachment, anyone)?

Do any of these give you pause?

  • The scale puts you in a good mood for the rest of the day, or starts you off on a bad foot depending what the number is
  • You feel you have to weigh yourself daily, and get anxious if you don’t
  • Weighing yourself before or after a bowel movement
  • Weighing yourself multiple times a day
  • If you have a scale routine, something like the above scenario
  • Making food decisions based off of your weight
  • If that number prompts you to diet in any way shape or form that you don’t enjoy

We put so much emphasis on said piece of plastic, that doesn’t have any bearing on giving us accurate information.

When you weigh yourself, the scale doesn’t take into account:

  • our menstrual cycle
  • bowel movements
  • our salt intake from previous days
  • our water intake from previous days
  • how we slept the night before

All of the above play a serious role in our weight. We can fluctuate 5-10 pounds because of any of these, and friendly reminder: none of these have to do with our percentage of fat, which is what we want to be focused on losing.

A scale should not determine your day. A piece of plastic worth no more than $30 shouldn’t set the stage for your level of happiness, gratitude and kindness towards yourself.

It is not lost on me about the importance of measuring your progress, especially when trying to reach your goals. The kicker is measuring your progress, but still loving yourself.

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